MPD: Operation H.E.A.T Slowing Down Homicide Rate

“Upon arrival, we located a 49-year-old victim suffering from a gunshot wound,” said Officer Terence Perkins, Mobile Police.

Mobile Police says Ashley Hayes was then transported to the hospital where he later died. Police are now looking for his killer, but Hayes has had a bit of a criminal past.

“We are looking at that we do not believe that death played a part of this particular incident, but we can state the victim did have the past with the Mobile Police Department,” said Perkins.

Hayes had been arrested and charged with murder back in the early 2000, a year later he ended up pleading guilty to manslaughter.  Other charges include assault, multiple traffic infractions and disorderly conduct.

“Based on the evidence we have we believe this incident is an isolated incident to the events that occurred that particular day.”

And police are looking into the possibility that it could have been self-defense but what could the police have done to stop this?

“Homicide is a feast or famine sometimes it goes up sometimes it comes down, but what the Mobile Police is doing we are in the middle of our Operation City HEAT, that’s one of the things we are asking officers to ride the area more now than they have been.”

But the rate could actually be worse.

“During the holidays we actually see more crimes or robberies because we have more people moving about.”

Police credit Operation H.E.A.T, a program that has recently stepped up safety check points in crime hot spots as well as efforts to serve warrants for search and seizure.

“Anytime you have a relationship with the public, and they’re feeding us we can drive crime down in that particular area.”

And they also give credit to the community for slowly helping the trend to change.

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