Gulf Shores Bans Spring Break Booze on the Beach

Just as expected there will be no booze on the beach in Gulf Shores during spring break 2017.

“You can’t drink,” says Mayor Robert Craft. “Nobody can.”

After being overwhelmed with out of control college students last year, the city banned alcohol two weeks into spring break. This time they are being pro-active. “Everybody likes their own liberties and the council and mayor don’t take that lightly,” says spokesman Grant Brown. “However, in this situation when there is such a problematic event occurring that puts people in harm’s way both patrons that come here and police and fire and rescue and other first responders, that’s just not right.” beach-n-booze-2

Not everyone is on the no booze bandwagon. “I’m ambivalent,” says Carolyn Hall. “I feel like we didn’t even give it a chance to make a plan we just went automatically into a ban.” She has owned and operated David’s Gallery for 41 years and business is good during spring break.
“I’m willing to give it a one-year experiment. I love experiments and let’s evaluate from there.”

The city of Orange Beach will not ban alcohol but there is a common philosophy between the neighboring cities. “I hope people get the message that we’re not trying to keep you away, we just want to make sure that things are nice and calm and we’re not going to become the party city for college kids,” says Orange Beach city administrator Ken Grimes.

College students are still welcome in Gulf Shores but they can leave the binge drinking and beer funnels at home.

The ban goes into effect March 4th and will expire April 16, 2017.

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