Bullying Protest Held Outside MCPSS HQ


An MCPSS spokesman emailed this startement to News 5 when asked earlier in the day for a comment on the protest.

Mobile County Public Schools does not condone the behavior as shown in the video. We are taking this matter seriously and our investigation is ongoing. Corrective actions have been taken, and procedural changes are being made.


Superintendent Martha Peek and members of her staff were at Semmes Middle School most of the day Monday. It was a normal school day.


Mobile County Public Schools has an ongoing partnership with the District Attorney’s Office through our Helping Families Initiative to help combat bullying. The DA’s office plans to host an anti-bullying program at Semmes Middle for the students and staff.


Mobile, AL (WKRG)

It was a small protest with a loud message. A group of parents held a small protest outside Mobile County Public School headquarters in west Mobile to continue to draw attention to the issue of bullying. The protest was spurred by this bullying video of Semmes Middle School student Drew Breton who was seen weeks ago being hit, stalked and taunted. School superintendent Martha Peek promised a full investigation last week.

“It’s not tolerated it’s not a situation we want to have and it’s not a situation we have on a daily basis,” said Peek on November 21st. The organizer of the protest says the district doesn’t handle the issue of bullying aggressively enough.

“You know what I think, I think it’s a joke, I think Martha Peek’s a joke and it’s her classic answer oh we’ll get back to you, we’ll investigate and get back to you,” said protest organizers Lynn Maggio. Parents are calling on school officials to do more on the issue, including Semmes Middle School parents.

“The language and stuff that’s just said out there as you wait to pick your children up in the afternoons if it wasn’t mandatory, the law told you, you had to take your kids out there you wouldn’t let them hang out there the stuff that goes on out there,” said Semmes parent Dean Stokely.

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