A Small, But Proud Crowd Out for Small Business Saturday


It’s sandwiched right between Black Friday and Cyber Monday–Small Business Saturday is meant to pull the focus back on the local shops run by people from our community. The big game today might have kept a lot of people home instead of out shopping, but I visited a few of those shops today and talked to shop vendors and customers about what they think.

Our first stop today was Urban Emporium on Dauphin Street downtown Mobile. It seemed a little deserted downtown, but there were a few shoppers inside, glad for the lack of crowds.

“I think it’s very important, that’s why we’re out and about today instead of at the mall and all that craziness!” says Regina  Everett.

And others are making a whole day of it.

“I thought I’d come out and support it. We thought we’d get her a treat too. This is Weezy. She likes to shop small too. We had breakfast at Spot of Tea, a very Mobile day,” says Mary Travis.

And they were trying their best to lure folks from the big chain stores…

“We have things from 20% off to 60% off,” says Katie Lavvorn. “We offer a great environment for people to come and just relax and enjoy the afternoon.”

Our second stop was Antiques at the Loop, where the parking lot was full, but folks kept dodging our cameras! So we talked with Shirley Mull who is a dealer with the shop.

“Small merchants do appreciate their customers. That’s part of their being. And you begin to be friends with them too. And that doesn’t happen at the big stores,” says Mull.

Our final stop of the day was at Hemline on Old Shell Road where they’re proud to work in a small shop.

“It goes back directly to the community.”

“I think it’s a lot more personal, the customer service.”

And shoppers are all for that.

“I think it’s kind of necessary for the community to grow,” says O’phylia Smiley.

This is Mobile’s second year celebrating Small Business Saturday.

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