Biggest Shopping Day Of The Year, A Little More Laid Back

For many bargain shoppers, it is one of the most wonderful days of the year.

“My mom and I always go Black Friday shopping,” said Brandi Thielker, a shopper from Theodore.

Although lately some shoppers have been getting started much earlier than before.

“We started at 7 o’clock this morning, so we also started last night so we also went home,” said Thielker.

And then there are those who didn’t really get up that early at all.

“We slept in today, we waited for all the crowds to get out of there,” said Keith Weyrowski, Mobile.

“Because we feel like we still find the same deals,” said Justin Amy, Mobile.

But some we talked with say the chaos at least around Mobile seemed different this year.

“People have been a lot nicer this year usually people are just pushing and shoving,” Kaitlyn Orth, Mobile.

Despite what seems like a mellow Black Friday, the National Retail Federation expects nearly 6 in 10 Americans to go shopping this weekend.

“Our strategy is every year we get the paper and that at Thanksgiving we just kind of talk about what everybody wants and kind of mark things in the paper,” said Theilker.

The Retail Federation also expects retail sales to climb up this year.  A part of that will come from online sales, where it’s expected to increase to 36%, up from 34% last year.

“I’m waiting for Cyber Monday I’m not hardly doing any shopping today,” said Orth.

So while many are asking where is the frenzy…

“It was actually very fun, we just enjoy it other shopping for other people, it’s always better to give then receive.”

Some say frenzy or not it’s about doing everything together with loved ones.

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