High-Speed Chase Lands Foley Man Behind Bars

Baldwin chase ends in crash.
Phillip Stanford is jailed after taking authorities on high-speed chase.

It started around noon when a state trooper spotted a stolen Lexus that blew through a traffic light and crossed six lanes of traffic on Highway 59 and the chase was on.

Authorities say it was Phillip Stanford behind the wheel of a car that took authorities on a high-speed chase reaching speeds of a hundred miles per hour plus, before crashing in a field off County Road 32 near the Baldwin Beach Express.

The chase started in Foley and eventually headed north on the Baldwin Beach Express. Stanford turned east on U.S. Highway 90 and looped around on back roads with law enforcement close behind. To avoid spike strips, he drove off the road, lost control, and ended up in a peanut field.

img_1147 img_1158

Even after he crashed authorities say he didn’t give up. He got out of the car and started running until finally giving up.

Stanford is no stranger to law enforcement with more than a dozen arrests that date back to 2004. Now he is back in a familiar place facing a laundry list of more charges.

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