Tips and Video Stream into DA’s Office After Semmes School Incident


Another video of a Mobile County student being bullied and attacked has surfaced online.  This time it involves 14-year-old Damonica Harris, a student at Davidson High School.

“She hit me three times under my eye,” said Harris.

Her family tells us the video was recorded October 19th.  It’s a fury of fists and teens lunging at Harris.  And since then the school has done little to discipline the accused bullies.

“The day that she was supposed to go back to school that Thursday my daughter ran away she was missing for two days I had to put a missing report out on my daughter,” said Tonya Vaughn, Harris’ mother.

Her family tells incidents like this have happened several times at school and if it weren’t for the video, no one would believe how violent it’s become.

“It’s the same group of girls, and I just want them to leave her alone,” said Vaughn.

Since the viral video at Semmes Middle school incident, the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office has been receiving a higher volume of tips through its anonymous text tip program, bully blocker.

“We work on every single case that comes through our office,” said Ann Sirmon, who helps run the Bully Blocker program.

The DA’s office couldn’t confirm at this time whether that included Harris’ case, but she says it’s brought in tips for many other cases.

“Bullying because it’s repetitive and it’s ongoing there’s not a short term quick result that’s going to happen it’s takes a while to find out what’s been going on how long has it been going on what actually is going on,” added Sirmon.

The family says they’ve tried using Bully Blocker, and even meet with the DA, but they just don’t think it’s safe for their daughter.

“There might be the incident where it rises to the level of criminal charges,” said Sirmon.

As the investigation continues, Harris’ family is working to at least change schools in the near future.

“It’s affecting all, that’s why my grades dropping all that,” said Harris.

But even a transfer will take some time.

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