Thief Swipes Pecans for Surgery Fundraiser

Semmes, AL (WKRG)

A small-time theft in Semmes has some big implications for a husband and wife.  Someone stole food the couple was going to use to help pay for life-saving surgery.

“It’s just sad,” said Janae Jordan as she attached a padlock on her porch freezer.  She gets back to cracking hundreds of nuts.  Janae Jordan is trying to make up for the roughly 14 pounds stolen from her freezer on the front porch over the weekend.

“I’m hurt over it, to think someone would take from a sick person: my husband,” said Janae Jordan.

Her husband, Terrell Jordan, has been waiting for a liver transplant. The family has been holding small fundraisers and gathering money online to try to pay for it.

Janae has spent time before and after work cracking pecans one at a time to sell.  At first, the couple says they were reluctant to even file a police report.

They just want their property back and would be willing to let the thief drop the nuts off at the church across the street from their house no questions asked.  The Church is Spice Pond Baptist Church.

“We basically have to start over with shelling the pecans; we already had people who were going to buy them,” said Janae Jordan.  She says they’re still waiting for a liver transplant to come through at any time.

img_1208 img_1210

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