Pensacola Stores Prepare for Black Friday Shopping

As you’re planning your Thanksgiving meals, and making sure you have enough food for everyone, some big name stores locally are doing the same, except with toys, clothes, and jewelry.  Black Friday shopping preparations are underway in Pensacola and so are preparations for making sure employees still get to celebrate Thanksgiving.  JCPenney and Toys R Us showed us what employers have planned for the public and the people who help provide the best holiday deals.

“It’s going to be a very fun, and exciting, and busy kind of day,” said Rocky Lewis, who has been working at the Pensacola JCPenney for six years.

Black Friday is known as being, by name, the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Many large stores start Thanksgiving Thursday.

“We have a lot of sales, A LOT!” Rocky exclaimed.  She knows even though she’ll be working on Thanksgiving, she’ll be completely taken care of.

“It’s gonna be stressful for us, but hey, what can you do?” Lewis said.  “We’re gonna have food for us, and we get paid double time so that’s good, so we’re going to be eating all day.”

For some people, the sales aren’t worth it.  “I don’t care what kind of deal they’re going to give, I just don’t want to fight the crowds,” one shopper who was out Tuesday said.

Lewis knows there are tons of people who will be out, despite large crowds.  “Come early, while supplies last, cause when it’s gone, its gone!” she said.

After hearing about the deals at JCPenney’s, we went across the parking lot to the Toys R Us to see what kind of deals they have in store for shoppers.

“They go out looking for a hot toy, and generally at Toys R Us, we got it,” said store manager Rod Simpkins.  Trying to keep those hot toys in stock is tough, but Toys R Us is doing their best to keep everything organized and ready to go, so customers can get the best shopping experience.

“When we can help anyone find that special gift for Christmas, it makes me feel good and it lets me know that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing,” Simpkins said.  “At the end of the day, all we do is sell toys, but I like to say we sell happiness too.”

Whether you’re after deals on the Swagtron Smart Board, or your favorite team’s swag, nabbing the best holiday deals is something friendly folks working at these stores wants to help you with!

JCPenny will be opening at 3 PM on Thanksgiving, and Toys R Us will open their doors at 5PM.

We spoke with the Pensacola Police Department about Black Friday safety, and they didn’t want to give exact locations or numbers.  They did tell us there will be officers out making sure everyone stays safe and smart while shopping.



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