Ice Flowers on a Cold Morning

ice flower
ice flower

We’ve all seen frost- that’s crystals of ice that form often on a cold, calm, clear night, even if the air temperature is above freezing. Water vapor changes directly to ice to make frost on cars, on windows and on other objects. Along with frost, some of us have seen strange clumps of ice that may look like flowers. The nickname for that is ice flowers, or frost flowers, or ice blossoms. They actually are not formed by frost.

ice flowers
ice flowers in field

Ice flowers are formed when plant stems pull moisture out of the ground. As the water oozes out of the stem, it freezes. More water follows the same path and continues to freeze and extend the length and width of the ice. It’s really ice, not frost.

Bonnie Harper captured these pictures in Mount Vernon, Alabama, after a couple of cold autumn mornings.

Read the detail on exactly how ice flowers form Dr. James R. Carter and from the University of Texas

ice flower
ice flower formed on plant stem

See more pictures of ice flowers here from the National Weather Service.

The video in this article was posted by Shane Gros of Saraland on a different date.

ice flowers
ice flower

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