Hurricane Otto Makes History

hurricane otto satellite
Hurricane Otto satellite, November 22, 2016

Hurricane Otto formed today from what was Tropical Storm Otto, in the far southern Caribbean. According to the National Hurricane Center, Otto is the latest hurricane on record to form in the Caribbean. Previously, the latest Caribbean hurricane to form was Hurricane Martha, in 1969.Hurricane Otto is the seventh hurricane of this Atlantic hurricane season. There have been 15 named storms, in total.

hurricane otto
hurricane otto

Otto is on a westward path that will take it to Costa Rica and/or Nicaragua with a high threat of torrential rain, flooding, and mudslides. It will weaken, crossing central America, but it may maintain enough strength to emerge in the Pacific Ocean, as a tropical storm. If that happens, it would get a new name. Every few years, a tropical storm will cross central America from the Atlantic to the Pacific or vice versa.

Hurricane season runs from the start of June through the end of November but it is possible to have a tropical storm or hurricane outside of the calendar season. Follow the track of Otto and other tropical systems on your free News 5 weather app, or in the hurricane section of

4:00 PM EST Tue Nov 22
Location: 10.5°N 79.6°W
Moving: W at 2 mph
Min pressure: 984 mb
Max sustained: 75 mph

hurricane otto forecast
hurricane otto forecast

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