Mother Responds to Viral Video of Son Being Bullied

Kimberly Breton says it has been tough to watch a viral video circulating Facebook showing her soon being harassed and attacked at school, but hopes the incident will spark change on the campus.

“I feel like the environment in the school is inappropriate and that is what needs to change and boys will be boys and they do these type of things and they will if they think they will get away with it and if the environment was to change then these things wouldn’t happen,” said Breton.

In the video her son is surrounded by a group of students, pushed and punched. During the minute long recording, no teacher seems present in the hallways.

“I think the message to go out is this is very serious to us we were just notified of it and we are doing a complete investigation, taking it very seriously,” said Mobile County Public School Superintendent Martha Peek.

Breton says she will meet with school administrators next week to address the issue however, she says her son will not return to school until she feels it is safe.

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