Christmas Trees Stand Strong in Drought

Thanksgiving week means the preparations for Christmas begin! One big preparation for Christmas is getting the tree.

Many local Christmas tree farms are opening up this week. They say they are ready for the season. The ground to walk out and cut a tree down is dry and dusty but it hasn’t affected the trees.

“The Virginia Pine that we have always sheds their needles, naturally,” said Wanda Clark, A&W Christmas Tree Farm owner. “They’re a pine tree. This year we’ve had an extraordinary amount of shedding but it doesn’t affect the trees really.”

Tree farm owners say just like years past, you’ll want to make sure live trees get water each day. It’s also always important to keep them away from any sparks or open flames like fireplaces and candles.

For this story we also checked in with Fish River Christmas Tree Farms and they also have had little to no impact from the drought.


If you want to learn more about the A&W Christmas Tree Farm in Moss Point, MS (just a mile from the Alabama state line), head to their Facebook Page.

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