One Hurt In Accidental Shooting Outside Salvation Army Chapel


It was just after 10, and just before church this morning at the Salvation Army chapel on Pleasant Valley Road.

“Two young men, brothers, who don’t come to this church but have family who do. And so today was Thanksgiving lunch after church and so more people were coming to church than normal,” says Major Susan Brown.

Brown was outside when she heard the gunshot. The two brothers, in their 20’s, were in a Honda sedan in the parking lot when the gun went off reportedly by accident.

“The other brother ran into the church to tell family and so then everyone piled out of the church.”

Brown says she doesn’t believe the injury was serious.

“I don’t think it was a life threatening issue, he was still responding when the EMT people were here.”

Still, they aren’t sure why the two men were handling the gun in the first place.

“Even if it’s an accident, it’s still serious and it’s something that shouldn’t happen. Just prayers for the family, it’s a large family and they were very distressed, very distraught. Senseless accident.”

Though Brown says she thought the injury was not life-threatening, she did say the boy was taken into surgery. We do not know his condition at this time.


Mobile, AL (WKRG)

One person is hurt following what’s said to be an accidental shooting Sunday morning near the Salvation Army Chapel on Pleasant Valley Road.  This happened shortly after 10 Sunday morning.

Major Susan Brown with the Salvation Army said two brothers were unloading a gun when it went off in the parking lot of the chapel.  One man was hit and taken to medical care.  The seriousness of his injuries isn’t known right now.

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