The Oldest Navy Submarine turns 75

The Navy’s oldest submarine celebrated another birthday today. A ceremony was held for the 75th anniversary of the USS Drum today.

Our own Bill Riales and many others gathered to hear tales of life aboard the submarine. There was also the unveiling of Battleship Park’s annual Christmas card which was designed by a local student. Active military members and submarine veterans came to learn more about the sub and tour it. Submarine veterans say they share a stronger bond with a sub than a sailor does to his ship.

“A lot of them served on submarines like this,” said Tom Bowser, Volunteer at USS Drum. “During the war, after the war, these were still in service up to (1974). So it’s coming home to them. As we say, we grew up on these submarines because we went on board at 18 or nineteen years old. They took us into manhood.”

In honor of the submarine’s birthday, admission to Battleship Park was free all day. The USS Alabama will celebrate its seventy-fifth anniversary next year.

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