Law Enforcement Pushing For Drowsy Driving Law

Fairhope, AL (WKRG)
It’s unusual for local officials to hold a news conference on a Saturday morning that’s not related to a natural disaster or emergency. Today is the statewide recognition of Drowsy Driving Awareness Day in Alabama.

Law enforcement officials want to remind you to stop driving if you’re tired. Today prosecutors, deputies and police officers gathered at the Baldwin County Satellite Courthouse in Fairhope to promote Drowsy Driving Awareness Day. The news conference is meant to raise the awareness about the dangers of driving fatigued. Advocates are pushing for recognition of the issue and a law to prosecute people who cause serious accidents behind the wheel because of a lack of sleep.

“It’s something we have a problem with in Alabama,” said Walker County District Attorney Bill Adair. “I have cases all the time in my district just like [incoming Baldwin County DA Robert Wilters’] going to have, where you have people that have single vehicle crashes where there’s never indication of braking late at night, that’s indicative of a drowsy driver, you have others where other people’s lives are involved when you have a drowsy driving situation.” Advocates got a resolution from the legislature recognizing the issue last year. They are pushing for stiffer penalties again this year.

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