Deer Season Opens with a few Changes to the Rules

Today was the opener of gun-deer hunting season. If you are one of the lucky hunters that got a deer today or just enjoyed a day in the woods, make sure you are paying attention to the new rules of the hunt.

This year many hunters got their license online. Game wardens say that is fine but make sure you have a way to prove that you have your license. You could either have a paper copy or keep an accessible one on your phone. The main change to the hunt this year is that all deer killed must be registered.

“There is an app that you can put on your smart phone,” said Jim Daughtery, Conservation Enforcement Officer. It’s the Outdoor Alabama app. It is free. You can register your harvest on that. It’s got to be bucks and does. When that’s done, you’ll be given a conservation number to put down on your harvest record.”

One of the other changes to the hunt is that you are only allowed to hunt from thirty minutes before sunrise to thirty minutes after sunrise. Game wardens hope the more specific time frame eliminates confusion.

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