What’s Working: University of Mobile, an “All-Steinway” School

The University of Mobile has earned an important distinction that is big news for its music program. They are now an “All-Steinway School,” which means that 90 percent of the schools’ pianos are now Steinways. Dr. Roger Breland, the Executive Director of the Center for Performing Arts, says these are the best quality pianos in the world, and that this will allow the university to recruit the best students in the world. “For piano students…they are looking for the best teachers and the best instruments. That is what we want to provide. There are international students looking for places to study in America, and if it’s a Steinway School, we become top of the list.”  The school raised over $500,000 in one year through private donations.image-1

Several music majors got the opportunity to travel to the Steinway factory in New York to pick out the Grand Piano that sits in an auditorium. Student Gariella Loiacino says, “Being at the Steinway factory where they are built was so amazing. It was so awe-inspiring.” Student Emily Laforce says there is no comparison to practicing on a Steinway. “What I love about Steinway is consistency. No matter which one you play, you will always be playing a quality instrument. It is always clear.”
Music students at the University of Mobile have been working hard to prepare for their Christmas Extravaganza performances which kicked off last night at Cottage Hill Baptist Church. Tonight and tomorrow’s performances are at 6:45PM. Sunday afternoon’s performance is at 2:45PM.  Tickets are $5 at the door or you can purchase them online.  For more information, visit http://umobile.edu/academics/center-for-performing-arts/christmas-spectacular/image-5

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