3D Technology Bringing Eye Surgery into a New Dimension at Providence Hospital

MOBILE, AL (WKRG) — When you walk into the operating room during eye surgery by Dr. Alan Franklin, a thought pops into your head.

What’s with the glasses?

b45cfc23af9a4f71a53a08ece43709d3As a patient’s eye is opened and exposed on the operating table, Dr. Franklin, and some of his assistants, wear shaded glasses that would fit right into a magazine spread, or a day at the beach. Until you realize, they aren’t sunglasses.

They’re 3D glasses.

Dr. Franklin of Providence Hospital is one of the few doctors in the country performing eye surgery in three-dimensions. The revolutionary tech was brought in by Franklin and the hospital earlier this year.

2df6d6ac98c946debdb8439f36d60384“We’re seeing the eye in three dimensions,” says Dr. Franklin, smiling as he shows us the technology. “It’s only over the last several years that the digital platforms have become good enough to do it.”

In the room where News 5 was allowed to observe a surgery-in-progress, a 55-inch 4K television sits about eight feet away from Dr. Franklin at the operating table. And while I’m sure that TV would be great for a Netflix binge or Iron Bowl party, it’s shooting out a 3D image of the eye’s cavern-looking interior.

4ef6de1d1cbd4c8fac9cc55583ae81c5With the 3D glasses, similar to the pair you receive at a 3D movie, Franklin sees a live 3D image as his hands below precisely navigate the retina with microscopic tools.  Every pixel is seen with acute clarity, a powerful asset for Dr. Franklin’s plunge into a place we never see.

“With the digital platform, I can filter out different colors of light, which highlights the anatomy better. I can see through blood better, visualize better, so having the image digitized has been a real advantage for me.”


For more, check out the video above!

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