Defense Secretary Visits Gulf Coast

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter Visits Eglin Air Force Base, NAS Pensacola on Nov. 17, 2016.



Defense Secretary Ash Carter toured Eglin Air Force Base and Hurlburt Field in northwest Florida today, while in New York, President-Elect Donald Trump continued the process of putting together his cabinet that very well could include Carter’s replacement.


Carter waived off questions about Trump and his own future saying America’s military has always operated outside the political realm and must continue to do so.


“It has been extremely important to me that not only I, but all the members of the Department of Defense, have stood apart from politics during this long campaign season and that’s what our institution stands for,” Carter said.


Carter could remain as defense secretary. President Obama, for example, kept Republican Robert Gates in the job for the first two and a half years of his presidency.


Regardless of who might be defense secretary, Carter says the work being done in special operations at Hurlburt remains essential.


“This is a kind of capability that we use nearly every day, somewhere in the world,” the Secretary said.


Carter said much the same for the technology advances being implemented at Eglin


“We make sure we are one step ahead of all opponents in technology and that’s important in the platforms that you see in the F-35, but very importantly here at Eglin in munitions,” he said “That’s what the specialty of this installation is.”

To see a glimpse of the demonstration put on by the air force base for Carter, check out the video below.

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