City Inching Closer to Removing Garbage Bins Downtown

Mobile city officials are taking steps to rid downtown of those brown garbage bins along city streets.

The City already has one garbage compactor for businesses to use to get rid of their garbage. Now a second unit is being installed on Joachim near St. Francis St.

Mayor Sandy Stimpson says removing the garbage bins will create a more pleasant experience for visitors downtown.

“We can’t have a great city without a great downtown,” said Mayor Stimpson. “Relocating the garbage carts from the high traffic areas of Downtown will make room for more people and entertainment. Visitors and citizens will be able to admire the beauty of our historic downtown without the garbage marring their experience.”

Some business owners said the change will require extra effort on their part and have concerns about safety with employees having to now walk to the compactors.

City officials say each compactor site will be gated, well lit, and have cameras nearby.

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