What’s Going Around

What's Going Around

In this week’s edition of “What’s Going Around” all the doctors’ offices we spoke with report seeing the flu or flu-like illnesses.
Doctor Darren Waters with Greater Mobile Urgent Care reports treating several cases of a flu-like illness with fever, myalgia, congestion, and headaches.
He says he’s also still seeing strep throat, scattered cases of influenza, and gastroenteritis (the stomach bug).
One of the new physicians at Premier Medical in Mobile, Doctor Sullivan, reports treating patients with fall seasonal allergies and upper respiratory viral infections. He says he’s also seeing people with sinus infections that are likely the result of the allergies or viral infections.
Doctor Sullivan says flu activity is fairly low but is on the rise in Alabama. He urges everyone to get a flu vaccination.
Up in Grove Hill, Alabama, Doctor Ralph Neal has been treating patients with vomiting and flu-like symptoms.
Doctor Kathleen Lovlie with Gulf Shores Pediatrics reports treating many cases of strep throat, the B-strain of the flu and upper respiratory infections.

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