Restaurant Expands Along Casino Beach Pier

Casino Beach Bar and Grille is right near the pier at the end of Casino Beach.

Nestled in the area for only about a year, the space is ready for expansion.

“We’re going to give them something for the locals, here in the winter time where they can come out to heat and air conditioning with a spectacular view,” says Leasing Manager Michael Pinzone.Take a look at the plans, the vision is to create a layered atmosphere complete with perfect indoor scenery.

The need for expansion is a testament to a growing area.

“It’s gotten so much bigger over the last 10 years that you know pretty much we are a destination location, it’s a lot more condos, it’s a lot more hotels,” says Pinzone.

Right now, the owners of casino bar and grill can only expand up, but it gives the patrons a beautiful view of Pensacola beaches.

Nearby retail owners are hoping it will create more foot traffic, especially during the off-seasons.

“And more people coming around will definitely mean more people coming in to buy things — you know, helping out the local economy — we’re a small family owned business, been open since ’69, so it will be nice to have more foot traffic and that will be better,” says Justin Schutler Manager, Innerlight Surf Shop.

Business neighbors say they too might expand upward.

“Hopefully, we can expand you know maybe we can go upstairs as well, and make that work over the years,” says Schutler.

It’s a business idea that can save money and help fuel the economy.

“Real estate is cheaper going up that out,” says Schutler.

“They come here for the resources, and we’re just here to make their lives simple, by feeding them, giving them some entertainment, and letting them enjoy what we have to offer here on the beach,” says Pinzone.

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