Pedestrian Friendly Foley Paying Off for Downtown Businesses

Foley, AL
Pedestrian friendly Foley paying off for downtown businesses.

The sidewalks in downtown Foley seem a little busier these days and that means more business for Brittney Buckelew at R.K. Ick boutique. “We really like it a lot. There’s more foot traffic down here and we feel like we are in the middle of everything.”


Across the street at Fish River Furnishings, Greg Driskell is seeing a difference too. “Why we chose here was because it was an area I felt like was going to grow and we could benefit from the walking traffic.”


Folks downtown will tell you business is good and it’s about to get better. They point to a building at the corner of busy Highway 59 as the perfect example. For more than a decade it was vacant and boarded up, but not anymore.

“We’re staying busy and it’s a good thing.” Director of economic development, Jeff Rouzie says by next Spring a new restaurant is expected to be up and running here. Coffee shops, a bakery and even several micro-breweries are looking at spaces in downtown that have been empty for years. According to Rouzie, it’s all because the town is more pedestrian friendly. “It’s starting to pay rewards now.”

That’s good news for business and better news for business owners.


Also contributing to the area growth is the Owa entertainment complex. The multi-million dollar development in southeast Foley is expected to open Memorial Day.

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