Parents of Quadruplets: “Overwhelmed But Excited”

Here’s a News 5 update  on a couple in Mobile who we introduced you to back in August.  They were expecting quadruplets. The Sullivan babies are here! Audie, Avery, and Aurora were born August 31st, at 25 weeks gestation, which means they around 11 weeks old now.
The babies are growing every day in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital.

While the Sullivans are experiencing a lot of joy with the birth of their babies, there is also some sadness. Their 4th baby, Angel, died two and a half hours after birth. Lacy says, “We got to hold her and kiss her  and tell her that we love her. All the stuff we wanted to do.” They say it has been difficult grieving the loss of Angel, while focusing on the roller coaster of health problems the other three have had. Audie, their only boy, has endured several surgeries. The other two have had minor health problems. All three are doing well right now.

The Sullivans couldn’t say enough good things about the NICU staff,  and about all the community support they have received. Marc says, “I just want to thank everybody. The hospital staff,  Channel 5, our friends and families, people you don’t even know. You check the mailbox. People are looking out for you when you aren’t even asking.”

The Sullivans are so grateful for all the help, but they are asking the community to help in one more small way. They have started a $5 van campaign on their Gofund me page, They are asking people to donate $5 so that they can purchase a van that can fit all their children. They also have a little girl named Annabelle at home.

They are hoping to have at least one baby home by Thanksgiving, and best case scenario, all the babies will be home by the first of the year. Marc says, “I am a happy husband and a happy father.” Lacy adds, “Even though it’s been overwhelming, it’s also exciting. We can’t wait for our house to be filled with lots of crying babies and bottles everywhere.”

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