Here’s how to spot a fake news site

There are a lot of fake news sites out there preying on people to get clicks and shares, and they can be hard to spot.

There are also some websites that may not be doing fair stories.

It got so bad pre-election that the Denver Post had to post a statement making sure people realized The Denver Guardian wasn’t real. The Denver Guardian was posting stories claiming to be the oldest newspaper in Denver, but that simply was not true. The Post even went to the address the Guardian gave and it was an empty lot.

College professor Melissa Zimdars has created a list of sites categorized by fake, misleading, clickbait or satire.

Tips to avoid fake sites:

  1. Look at the URL/Internet address. If it has extra letters, beware. Like
  2. Look at the other stories on the site. Do the headlines seem a little crazy?
  3. Are there dead links on the site that take you no where?
  4. Cross-check with other sources. If you see a post from “KWWW News” in Alaska, Google KWWW News and see if it actually exists.
  5. If the headline is sarcastic or uses an inflammatory adjective that’s not taken from a quote, beware.

On her list, she also gives information about sites that are biased that you can evaluate on your own.

Researches say the best tactic is to get your news from a wide variety of sources to have the best picture of what’s really going on.

You can visit the list by clicking here or watch the video above for the rundown.

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