Thomasville Golf Course Survives the Drought

The Gulf Coast is speckled with golf courses that provide plush fairways for golfers.  However this fall is proving to be harder to keep the links green.  Without rain, the Thomasville Golf Course has been relying on irrigation that uses water from its holding pond.

“When it’s dry like this, it affects some of the things we’re doing like our chemicals and planting seeds, to top dressing our greens,” said Ken Hamilton, Thomasville Golf Course Manager.  “It’s nothing like Mother Nature rain.”

Rain or no rain, it doesn’t change golfers’ dreams of beating par.  For the City of Thomasville, that’s a good thing!  The city bought this nine-hole golf course a year and a half ago.

“We’ve had two growing seasons here,” said Hamilton.  “When we first came here we renovated so many parts of this facility.  We renovated our greens, our club house.  You know, we made a very big investment in this facility…The City of Thomasville, you know, they just made an investment in the community.  You know, we provide a valuable service to the people here.  So many people love to play golf. We want to promote youth golf.”

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