Drought Impacts Local Cattle Farmers

Mark Kaiser
Baldwin County cattle farmer Mark Kaiser stands next to one of his livestock watering ponds that's drying up.

ROBERTSDALE, AL – The weather hasn’t cooperated with Robertsdale cattle farmer Mark Kaiser this fall.

“This is probably the longest period I’ve seen us go without rain,” says Kaiser.

Kaiser’s livestock watering ponds are drying up, his irrigation system is working overtime and Kaiser and his crew are having a hard time growing winter pasture for his herd.

“We normally have about 600 acres of winter pasture that’s up and growing right now and it’s about less than 100,” says Kaiser. “If we run out of feed, we’ll have to start selling cattle.”

Kaiser says this is the worst drought he’s seen in years and says the lack of rain could cost him tens of thousands of dollars.

“We’re spending more on irrigation, fuel and we’re also trying to buy some feed molasses blocks, protein blocks. That’s costing us more and we’re hauling out a lot of hay right now that we normally wouldn’t be hauling out.”

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