First Fantasy Cruise from Mobile Returns

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
This is the first time in five years a Carnival Cruise ship has returned to port with a boatload of passengers. That ship came into port just before dawn this morning. Passengers had to wait about an hours before disembarking. Many of the people I spoke with say they had an absolutely wonderful time.

“Just the fact that it’s so close and we always have a good time when we come to Cozumel,” said passenger Ruth Annaert. The sentiments were echoed repeatedly.

“Had a good time, everyone was real friendly, we had a great time,” said Brenda Jorgensen from Nashville. The only mediocre review I came across came from a travel agent from New Orleans who said the boarding process was a little bumpy probably because it was the first regular cruise in five years out of Mobile.

Carnival Officials say this ship has been remodeled to make the cruise experience different than what was once in Mobile. People I spoke with say this cruise was as good as if not better than what was in Mobile before.

“I think we’ll be coming back for sure,” said Bob Jorgensen. He said he went on one of the final cruises of the Carnival Elation out of Mobile in 2011. “Even though we live 6 to 7 hours away that won’t be a problem at all.” Carnival is locked into a 13-month contract with the City of Mobile. City officials hope Carnival will re-up that deal sometime in 2017.

“So far things are going well from a sales standpoint we’ll probably do the deep evaluation six months from now to determine where we go from there,” said Jennifer De La Cruz with Carnival Communications in an interview on November 9th, 2016.

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