Flags Raised Over Prichard’s New Veterans Memorial Park


It doesn’t look like much today, but the future of the Davis-McFaden Memorial Park is bright.

“The next time you see us, Ashley, we’ll have benches, we’ll have a wall of honor, we’ll have our mural up there on the wall there, and it is going to be great,” says Organizer Eddie Irby.

We first met Eddie back in January, after the plot of land in downtown Prichard was donated by Greer’s grocery store. Today, they raised the flag on this piece of land, and plans are going forward.

“This is so exciting for the community of Prichard, but to have two Tuskegee airmen here, to have these other veterans here, to have the ceremony we had, this was a tremendously meaningful day,” says Congressman Bradley Byrne.

George Hardy was a Tuskegee Airman, a member of the Redtails, escorting bombers over Europe. In a time of division, he enjoyed the feeling of community here today.

“It’s just the patriotism, love of country, you know. All the people who fought… fought for this country. Back when I grew up, racial segregation was a big item but it was still our country. And we wanted to fight for it,” says Hardy.

And former Tuskegee Airman James Harvey wishes today’s youth understood that sentiment.

“They don’t know anything about it. That’s what I’ve heard, they don’t teach it in school but it’s a necessary part of our history. You have to know where you come from to know where you’re going and it’s very sad,” says James H. Harvey III

Plans are still in the works for this park, eventually, they will have a wall of honor where you can buy a brick and have it dedicated to a veteran.

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