Hundreds Attend USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage Premiere In Mobile


It was an exciting night for folks in Mobile. They lined up by the hundreds to pack into Saenger theater to watch a movie about the human spirit.

“We tried to make the best movie possible and honor these men because they are heroes and everyone aboard that ship was doing a job,” says Executive Producer Tim Cavanaugh.


A movie that a long time coming finally arrived. Production staff, writers, and extras mingled with veterans while waiting for the movie to begin. The younger men portraying sailors in the movie, now having a greater respect for them.

“We shot in the water, and we were out there for eight hours and that had to be one of the hardest days of my life. And to think that these men were out there for five days, I couldn’t imagine what they had to go through,” says Actor Shamar Sanders.

A time for reflection, and a time for celebration. A celebration of life and the chance to tell this story.

“I get eaten in the movie, but, it was still an honor, you know, to be eaten by a shark!” says Actor Justin Nesbitt.

Family members of the original crew were also there. The daughter-in-law of Captain Charles McVay saying this story is one everyone needs to learn.


“They want it to be told, it needs to be told, young people in school do not know their history and they don’t understand the significance of this event, they don’t even know the event,” says Elaine McVay.

But now, so many more people know the story…and in a small way, now feel like they were apart of it.

“It was overwhelming. And exciting at the same time and for it to be a true story, and for me to be able to be a part of that, especially during a time like this, it was amazing,” says Sanders.

Learn more about USS Indianapolis and the ordeal the sailors and Marines went through here:

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