What’s Working: Fuse Factory Opens in Downtown Mobile

Some new non-profit groups in Mobile have a new opportunity to set up shop in downtown Mobile. An old building across from Government Plaza has been recently renovated, and it’s called the Fuse Factory. The Fuse Factory is a place for non-profits to rent space at a low cost. The whole idea is for these new groups to co-exist and share ideas on how to grow. The Fuse Factory is run by the non-profit agency, The Fuse Project. The Fuse Project raises money for projects in Mobile through events like the Dragonboat Races at Battleship Park

The Fuse Factory is in the process of recruiting non-profits to rent space. A group can use the space for as low as $160 a month. They can rent a small office for $600 a month. The space was once an old garage on Government Street. After a half-million dollar renovation, the Fuse Factory looks like an upscale, modern office in the middle of a thriving city.

News 5 talked to the pastor of The Church of the Apostles which is located in Baldwin County. He would like to start a ministry in downtown Mobile, but the church isn’t financially ready to do that just yet. He has decided to rent a one room office inside the Fuse Factory. He likes the idea of collaborating with various non-profits. He also likes the seminars that will be available several times a month. “Not that we would work together on projects, but we brainstorm, get wisdom on failures, taking risks, and not to mention that we meet people .”

Executive Director Adrienne Golden says they have had a lot of interest from non-profits wanting to set up shop inside the Fuse Factory. She says, “This is impacting all non-profits and allowing them to come together and collaborate and bring about awareness about their organizations.”

If you are interested in learning more about the Fuse Factory, go to www.fuseproject.org.

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