Mobile School Honors Veterans

While many schools are out on Veteran’s Day, one local school makes sure it’s in session this Nov. 11, so its students can honor those who have served their country.


For the 7th straight year, St. Paul’s Episcopal School in Mobile held a Veteran’s Day ceremony. The event was open to all veterans and their families. All students in 2nd and 8th grade wrote essays about veterans and the best were presented today. The school’s band and chorus performed and students wrote letters to the vets that were delivered in a World War II style “mail call.”


Retired Army Colonel Robert M. Kirila was the guest speaker.


Some vets in attendance were brought to tears by the event.


“When I came back from Vietnam, no one was happy to see me but my family,” said Vietnam War veteran Glen White. “But now vets are getting the love they need because that’s a lonely trip over there.”


White said having a ceremony of appreciation organized by students is especially meaningful.


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