Elderly Woman Dies After Attack By Swarm Of Yellow Jackets


Hospital officials and a family friend confirm Jan Miller passed away Saturday night at Thomas Hospital.  Friends describe her on Facebook as a loving woman who was a good friend.  Friend Cindy Baca wrote “What a horrible and utterly senseless way to die, I enjoyed her company and her stories and will miss her.”


POINT CLEAR, AL- An 85-year old Baldwin County woman is in critical condition tonight after she was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets.

It happened Thursday at Jan Miller’s house in Point Clear. Miller didn’t see the massive yellow jacket nest under one of her flower pots when she took her dog outside.

As many as 1,000 yellow jackets attacked. Miller’s Life Alert system went off when she fell to the ground.

A paramedic and and EMT responded to the call were also bitten and stung. The yellow jackets and the hive were destroyed by a professional.

Miller is in the ICU at Thomas Hospital in Fairhope.

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