Voters Give Mayor Stimpson Positive Grades

Mayor Sandy Stimpson is more popular with voters than ever as he begins his fourth year in office.


“I really think that people are seeing a whole lot of things going on in Mobile,” said Stimpson.


In an exclusive News-5 Strategy Research Poll, 39-percent of Mobile voters gave the mayor an “A” for the job he’s doing, 24-percent a “B”, 21-percent a “C”, 8-percent a “D”, and 8-percent an “F”.


“Whenever you’ve been graded and it looks up, that’s always gratifying,” Stimpson said. “So, I’m appreciative of that.”


Stimpson’s overall grade point average from the voters is a 2.78, up from 2.50 last year, and 2.70 in his first year in office.


“He’s done a good job according to the city numbers all of the three years that we’ve surveyed,” said Jon Gray of Strategy Research conducted the poll. “People have been pleased with the leadership they’ve seen in the city.”


Stimpson remains extremely popular among white voters with 55-percent giving him an A.


Overall, white voters give the mayor a 3.21 GPA, almost a B-plus.


Despite some racially tense moments this year after a black teen suspect was shot and killed by a white police officer, Stimpson’s popularity with black voters is higher than ever.

45-percent of black voters give him an A or a B, while just 25-percent give him a D or an F.

His overall 2.29 GPA from black voters, a C-plus, is higher than the mayor polled after his second year in office (2.03)or after his first (2.12).


“I think that what’s been exhibited thru our actions is that we mean that, it’s not just lip service trying to appease people,” said Stimpson.


The mayor says he remains dedicated to his campaign slogan of “One Mobile.”


“We’re listening and we’re trying to incorporate ideas of things that need to be done to make the disenfranchised feel that they are just as important as anybody else.”


Stimpson has announced he’ll seek a second term next year. So far he’s unopposed.


“I think every elected official hopes no one runs against them but that’s kind of pipe-dreaming,” he said.


Gray says getting a well-funded candidate with a chance to beat Stimpson would be difficult.


“I think to run and win against Sandy Stimpson would be very hard to do right now,” Gray said.


He warns, however, that no one is unbeatable.


“Everything is a comparison,” said Gray. “You might be a great candidate for office until I put up someone better than you.”


The poll was conducted by phone late last month among registered voters, and before the mayor’s decision to temporarily close the GulfQuest Museum.

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