Voters React to Sunday Alcohol Sales in Milton

People are buzzing about the passage of Sunday alcohol sales in Milton.

“All it can do is bring positives [such as] revenue and creating jobs — so happy that it happened,” says voter Jeremy Busby.

“We’re going to open up on Sunday’s more than likely,” says John Anderson General Manager of Ollie’s Bar and Grille. “It’s going to be good for sales: it will be good for clients, for employees — I’m going to make more money, and the county is going to make more money.”

“For me to wake up and have to drive all the way to Escambia [to] have a couple of beers and just to watch a football game is an annoyance,” says voter Jeremy Lane.

Milton city manager Brian Watkins says the people have spoken, but the final decision still rests with the city council.

“Later on this month, it will be an agenda item on that, and from that point they will look at it and make a decision on what they want to do,” says Watkins.

Even if the council approves the measure, Watkins says it could be some time next year before the ordinance takes effect.

Monsignor Michael Reed, a Milton native, says Sunday alcohol sales have been a long time coming.

“I know I have invited many people to come over to Milton on Sunday afternoon after masses are over, and my friends will order a beer,” says Reed. “[When] they are told no, I want to smack myself in the head for forgetting about that [because] it’s happened several times.”

Voters say they are glad to see money from Sunday alcohol sales in their city.

“First off, we are putting money back into our own county as opposed to [others],” says Lane. “You know people are going to drink on Sundays.”

“Looking forward to having economic growth, creating jobs and Santa Rosa — the place I live — being more prosperous,” says Busby.

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