Take 5: Mediterranean Sandwich Company


1 greek style pita bread
3.5 oz. boneless skinless chicken
1 oz. Conecuh Sausage
4-5 pickled jalapeño slices
4-5 thin slices red onion
1 oz. cheddar cheese
1 oz. smoked gouda cheese
1 Tbs BBQ Harissa Sauce
1 Tbs Bearnaise Aioli Sauce

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.

Season the chicken with salt and pepper and cook in a pan until the meat temperature reaches 165 degrees.
Slice the chicken thin, place it on the pita bread and add few slices of Conecuh Sausage, top with red onion, jalapenos, and BBQ Sauce. Add the cheddar and the smoked Gouda cheese and bake in the oven 5 minutes. Remove the sandwich from the oven, top with Béarnaise Aioli, cut in Half and serve.

For more information call Mediterranean Sandwich Company at 251-545-3161 or click here to visit their website.

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