Republicans keep control of House and Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) – Republicans have officially retained control of the U.S. Senate. It comes as Missouri Republican Roy Blunt and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski have won their two races in Tuesday’s election.

Republicans have a 51-47 edge in the Senate.

Two races remain outstanding: In Louisiana, the seat will head to a runoff election next month.

And in New Hampshire, Democrat Maggie Hassan and Republican Kelly Ayotte are locked in a too-close-to-call race.

Here on the Gulf Coast, there were two Senate races that were won by Republicans. In Alabama, longtime politician Richard Shelby won his sixth term in office. Shelby was first elected in 1986. Shelby won by a large margin in the predominantly Republican state.

In Florida, incumbent Senator Marco Rubio was able to win a tight race for re-election over democrat Patrick Murphy.

Republicans have also retained their lock on the House for two more years.

GOP candidates have triumphed in a checkerboard of districts in Florida, Virginia and Colorado that Democrats had hoped Donald Trump’s divisive comments about women and Hispanics would make their own.

Democrats had envisioned potentially big gains in suburban and ethnically diverse districts.

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