Mobile’s New Cruise Ship Versus the Last One

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Mobile, AL

The Carnival Fantasy fills a hole in mobile with a remarkably similar peg.  Five years ago I had the chance to set sail on the Carnival Elation on one the last cruises out of Mobile.  You enter in the atrium in the Fantasy the same way you entered the Elation.  The difference here is that the Fantasy was recently remodeled.  Much of it looks newer and fresher than the Elation did in 2011 while much of it feels the same.


“The gentleman who designed the interiors of these ships wanted people to come aboard and see things that are very different from their home life, things that are colorful, things that are whimsical, because you’re on vacation,” said Jennifer De La Cruz with Carnival Communications.  The Carnival Fantasy and Elation are the exact same class of ship.  They have the same passenger capacity and same size.  The biggest difference is the fact that the Fantasy is eight years older than the Elation.  It was the first in the line of Fantasy class ships built in 1990.


The remodeled common areas are a definite improvement and the dining halls seem brighter than my last carnival trip.  Carnival officials say this will be a different experience for passengers of mobile’s last carnival ship.  It’s here for 13 months.  A Carnival spokesman said they may make a decision on an extension in six months.


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