Carnival ‘Fantasy’ is Welcomed Back to the Port City

It was a big day for tourism in the Port City. The Carnival cruise ship ‘Fantasy’ docked at the cruise terminal early Wednesday morning. This is the first time in five years that Carnival has been back for a cruise out of Mobile, and seeing the iconic red whale tail in front of a Mobile skyline was the perfect picture for people who thought this day might never come. 

“This is the day we’ve been looking forward to since the day I was elected. I have to pinch myself to remind me that there is a big carnival ship out there. This is happening,” Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson said.

15045368_10209366996944601_1505036625_oAfter cutting the ceremonial ribbon on the newly-renovated cruise terminal passengers and local dignatories rushed inside to board the ship.

“The night before and the night after the cruise leaves, we’re already seeing those revenues from the restaurants and the hotels. It’s just a big day for the city and the county,” Mobile County Commission President Jerry Carl said.

15007773_10209366998024628_1023977327_oCarnival cruise CEO Christine Duffy, who was in town for the big day, hopes this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with Mobile. 14975904_10209366995424563_667566629_o

“The Mayor and all the team here have really rolled out the red carpet for us. So far, we’ve seen strong demand for promoting the ship that was coming back here. Very positive.  So we’re thrilled with the relationship and partnership we have here in Mobile,” Duffy said.

Some passengers, like Terrie Robertson and her daughter, waited outside the terminal hours 14975751_10209366995664569_697322717_obefore it opened; just excited to get on board the ship.15044720_10209366997784622_522477132_o

“We’re just so excited. We’ve been texting each other for months saying, ‘don’t forget this and don’t forget that.’ It’s just exciting!” Robertson said.


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