Woman Putting Up Life Savings to Find Killer

Mobile, AL (WKRG)
A spokesman for the Mobile Police Department says there’s no update on the murder of Justin Sanders. He was the 33-year-old man found stabbed to death at Baumhauer Park last month. Now his wife is putting all the money she has on the line to try and find a killer.

I spoke with his common-law-wife Joy Gaddy via Facebook Messenger. In the weeks since the murder, she’s been tracking down leads and going through old memories like a box of wedding invitations that will never be used.

“That this is no longer my life that now I have to raise this little boy with no dad and I’m alone,” said Gaddy. Joy Gaddy says she wanted to do everything she could to bring Justin Sander’s killer to justice, that’s why she’s putting up her life savings as part of the reward money.

Gaddy said she’s putting up $5,000 of her own money in addition to the $5,000 Mobile Police is offering for unsolved murders. She says she’s doing it for their son who’s now four years old.

“I can’t look at him when he’s older and told him I didn’t try that I didn’t do everything I possibly could to make sure this was solved,” said Gaddy. She says she doesn’t know what brought him to that park, saying that Sanders had substance abuse problems in the past but she says he’s been clean.

“That’s what’s so hard about this, he was finally doing what he was supposed to do,” said Gaddy. “Justin was the most kind, caring person I’ve ever met in my life, it’s not fair to have his life snatched away it’s not fair to me, to his son, to his father.”

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