University of West Florida Student Robbed at Gunpoint; Police Searching for Suspect

Things are quiet on the campus of the University of West Florida, but Sunday night things were different.

An armed robbery happened in front of Martin Hall, the freshman dorm.

Some students we talked with said this is out of the norm for the UWF campus.

“A little surprised because we normally don’t have incidents of that nature out here,” says senior student Saleem Krichi.

“I was really shocked, surprised, I live on campus, so a little scared,” says sophomore student Anesia Saunders.

According to the university police, it started when the victims pulled into this parking lot after leaving work.

“Give me the bag bro, or something along those lines, and the passenger grabbed the bag as well, they struggled for just a second, and then it’s reported that the suspect pulled the gun out and said just give me the bag bro,” says campus police Chief John Warren.

Now police won’t say what was in the bag, but they do believe the victim was targeted..

“The victim is telling us now that he perhaps knows the suspect, but definitely that the bag was the target,” says Warren.

The suspect did get away with the bag and took off in some nearby woods.

Students on campus say emails and “Argo Alerts” let them know about the incident

“The school has always been very apt about informing us about what is going on and how things are going down,” says UWF graduate Paul Lee, Jr.

“I was wondering if they were okay or if there was anything I needed to do to help them, but the text message said that everyone was okay, so I left it at that,” says sophomore student Tyler Megill.



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