Speeding Up the Vote in Baldwin County

Poll Book
New technology being used at Baldwin polling places,

Some changes coming to some polling places at least two precincts in Baldwin County using new technology.

Expect something a little different if you vote at the Civic Center in Bay Minette. Gone are the paper lists of voter names and welcome Poll Books.

img_0981 img_0982

You just slide your driver’s license in front of an I-Pad, “it’s read, we just turn it around. The voter signs it. We turn it back and accept it and then it prints it out on the printer.” A new, quicker way to make sure you are who you say you are and are voting in the right place.


“The driver’s license can scan, pulls up their information, the voter checks in that way, signs in on the poll books and they’re finished,” says elections coordinator Violetta Smith. “They get their ballot and they vote.”

Baldwin County is one of 16 counties taking part in the Secretary of State’s pilot program using technology to speed the election process.


If it is successful, “Poll Books” could be in use throughout Alabama in a couple of years.

Two polling places in Mobile County will also be using the Poll Books to check in voters Tuesday.

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