Local Parties Push for Voters to Turnout

On the eve of Election Day, it was a final push not just for the candidates, but also their supporters, including here in Mobile County.

Democrats took to the streets reminding commuters on their way home to vote for Hillary Clinton.

They have their work cut out for them with Alabama being a largely red state.

“I am concerned that if he wins tomorrow that empowers those people to be even meaner, not all of them but many of them,” said Vivian Beckerle, Chair of the Mobile County Democrats.

Republicans, on the other hand, were trying to get out the rest of their Trump gear, feeling comfortable Alabama will go their way.

“Hillary has proven over the years that she has been in politics that she is corrupt and I think that with the last name of Clinton they can get away with a lot of stuff,” said Republican Carol Lingelbach.

But both sides feel this is an election they cannot lose.

Local Democrats and Republicans say they have seen a lot of enthusiasm here, and hope it translates to the rest of the country.

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