Drought is Unlikely to Fade Soon

You can see brown lawns and fields all along the central Gulf Coast right now. A moderate or even severe drought in some locations has made river levels low too.

An unusually long stretch of completely dry days has left most of us dreaming of rain. Forecasters at the National Weather Service (NWS) say even with the rain predicted for this week it won’t reverse the drought.

“Unfortunately we are forecast to continue in drought all the way through the winter period,” said David Eversole, NWS Senior Forecaster. “We don’t really see any changes from the drier than normal, until maybe once we get past March with the latest predictions.”

NWS Forecasters say that one way that forecast could change is if a tropical system would bring us rain. As of now, the tropics are quiet. It’s a good thing too because that would mean a lot of rain which could lead to flooding. Luckily, flooding is not likely in our week long forecast.

However, even a little bit of rain can create trouble.

“When it does finally rain, you know, we’ve had dusty conditions out there,” said Eversole. “A little bit of rain mixed with that dust can turn into like, maybe a little muddy, filmy surface on the roads that can make them more slick than normal.”

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