‘Path To Peace’ March Unites Churches of Different Races, Creeds

They came from two different ends of the city, coming together at the Daphne Civic Center.

“To let everyone see that love can bring us together,” says Betty Watson.

They called it a Path to Peace. A march to promote racial reconciliation, unity, and peace.

“Showing people unity among our different race and heritage and just show love for one another,” says Michelle Miller.

“This is great, this is great, everybody together,” says Lisa Yearwood.

Over 500 people participated in marching a mile to the civic center, followed by a sermon.

The lesson was a simple one, but one that’s easy to forget.

“Recognize that we care for each other and that we are called to care for each other as people of faith,” says Chris Peters.

“That we must learn to love each other as Christ loved when he was here,” says Carol Miller.

Representatives of more than 20 Baldwin County churches helped plan the event. And they hope the message lives on after today.

“God is love and that’s what we’re trying to show the young people that is coming behind us today, we’re trying to show them love and that God created us all as one,” says Betty Watson.

Organizers say the next step is to promote the largest and most diverse turnout in history at the next Martin Luther King Day march in Foley. That will take place on Monday, January 16th.

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