Marco Rubio In Heated Race, Campaigns in Pensacola

Senator Marco Rubio is holding on a to a slim lead in his Senate race.  Saturday he stumped before 300 people at the Sandshaker Lounge near Pensacola Beach.

“And if you don’t think elections in Florida can be close, I encourage you to go to Google and look up 2000 presidential election Florida,” said Rubio.

Sen. Rubio has seen his commanding lead over Congressman Patrick Murphy narrow in the past few months.

“Marco Rubio stands for life, he’s a pro-life candidate, and Patrick Murphy has attacked that,” said Peter Holland, Rubio Supporter.

The two candidates differ not only on abortion, but whether to spend more federal money to support growth, healthcare, and gun control

“We cannot afford to have Chuck Schumer as the majority leader which is what will happen if we don’t win the Senate seat in Florida,” said Sen. Rubio.

Rubio says a win, will keep the Senate Republican, and that’s crucial as new justices get appointed to the US Supreme Court.

“In fact, I think there will be two more retirements, they’ll put three people in there.  And these people will be in their mid-50s, what that means is they’ll be on the court for 20-25 years,” said Rubio.

Even President Barack Obama has gotten involved, earlier this week he criticized Rubio for his support for Trump.

“I think it’s great the more Barack Obama disagrees with me, the more I’m doing the right thing,” said Rubio.

But Rubio admits says he can’t afford to lose any votes.

“We feel great about our campaign most of the polls show us winning but we don’t believe polls, we keep working hard polls aren’t the same as ballots.”

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