What’s Working: PASCO Program Offers Long-Term Help to Addicts

There’s a program in mobile that is helping men and women kick their drug addictions. It’s not a short- term rehab, but one that allows them to stay 9 months. It’s called the PASCO program, and it’s founded on Christian principles.  The founder of the program says there is a need for more long-term recovery programs. The participants have to pay a small fee each week.  They have to have jobs, but they have plenty of counseling and bible studies along the way. Twenty-three men live in brick buildings near Baker High School. Six ladies are housed in a home off of Schillinger Road.

Nick McLeod has only been in the program eight days, but he has high hopes he will become clean. “It’s a wonderful program to have in the community. It’s a give-back, give-back thing. It really is.” Tiffany Dunn is the first female to complete the program. She graduated this week. She had a twenty-five year drug addiction. She says, “I would definitely recommend this program. It’s a beautiful home, with a lot of support.

Phillip Stanford founded the men’s program nine years ago. As a former addict, he knew there needed to be a long-term support for someone battling addiction.  He says most three month programs, just aren’t long enough. “We are just trying to offer structure and stability for those coming out of rehab, those out of prison. We aren’t here to make their life great. We are here to make them accept life as it is.”

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