Man Creates Petition For Cameras On The Causeway


The boat launches on the causeway are very popular here on a Friday morning. But you’ve got fishermen heading out, leaving their cars unattended and in the open. Break-ins on this stretch of road have been a problem for ages.

“Over the years, it’s really over the decades, from when I was 16, 17 when I first started driving,” says FM Talk 106.5 radio personality Sean Sullivan.

This is especially a problem for early morning hunters.


“So duck hunters that leave in the wee hours of the morning to head out to a blind, or someone who wants to go flounder gigging overnight or softshelling,” says Sullivan.

And it’s happening more and more.

“Once a week it seems like, there’s somebody that’s either coming back to the launch to find their own window busted out, find the car beside them with their window busted out,” says Jason Steadham.

He says just because Spanish Fort police have arrested burglary suspects Odimo Brown and English Scott, that doesn’t mean the case is closed.

Because these boat launches tend to be on the edge of city limits, it’s difficult for police to maintain any kind of presence to deter that kind of crime.

That’s why Jason Steadham has started a petition on to get support for placing surveillance cameras on the causeway. It started Tuesday morning and already has over 500 signatures. He wants to take it to local officials and Representative Bradley Byrne to show there is a need. Since it’s a state road, he has to go through state channels.

“The petition itself is there to help us validate our statement,” says Steadham.


“I think the cameras are going to be a big help. Number one, you’re going to catch the people committing the crimes and then the word gets out that they are being watched and I think the deterrent long-term may be as effective as actually apprehending people,” says Sullivan.

Steadham will meet with folks at 5 Rivers Delta next week and hopefully local law enforcement will be there, or folks with ALDOT, who can help this along to the state level and make this happen.

You can view and/or sign the petition here.

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