Boy Allegedly Beaten, Starved And Imprisoned By Parents

BAY MINETTE, AL- A Baldwin County teenager was allegedly repeatedly beaten, starved and tied up and locked inside a closet at his Summerdale home and his parents have been arrested in connection with the crimes.

Franchesca Canty and Kenneth Williams were charged with torture and abuse of a child in September. Williams is the 15-year old boy’s stepfather.

At a court hearing in Bay Minette Thursday, a sheriff’s investigator testified the boy’s mother and stepfather repeatedly beat the teen with multiple objects including a bat, wire and extension cords.

The investigator also testified the 15-year old boy was denied food and only weighed 75 pounds when another family member found the boy locked inside the closet.

Canty was re-arrested at the court hearing Thursday for violating bond. Witnesses testified Canty made contact with her son on several occasions after her arrest which violated her bond conditions.

The boy is now living with another family members. Prosecutors say the couple could have abused some of their other children. Additional charges are possible.


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